Bec’s 40th Birthday Photo Booth

Bec’s 40th Birthday was not thwarted by Covid, there was just an extra year of planning! What a fantastic event it was. Her friends decided to gift her a Photo Booth which is so thoughtful.. and as the photos prove, extremely useful! Everyone had a great time!

The Photo Booth book was a great way for everyone to sign and share the memories with Bec in years to come. A special thank you to Bec’s sister who helped ensure people wrote in it!

All of your Photo Booth photos are now available for download in your gallery.

Thank you to all of Bec’s lovely friends again for including Serene Bedlam Photo Booth in your fantastic event! If you were a guest and would like to make your next event even better with a locally owned and operated Photo Booth please contact us or visit us on Facebook 

Christmas Mini Sessions 2023

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