Amongst the Newman wildflowers we had a wonderful family session – Introducing the Cottrell family!

Newman Wildflowers Cottrell Family Serene Bedlam Photography

I love when a outdoor family photography session allows me to capture all the family members and so I was so glad that their dog Wally was included! There is something so special about children enjoying the Pilbara with their pets and photographs like this one of Wally with Eamonn and Blair are just so precious.

I can’t wait to share the rest of the images from this gorgeous session with the Cottrell family! Thank you so much for letting me share these gorgeous memories with you all.

While the wildflowers are just beginning to create their beautiful purple blankets we were able to capture some wonderful memories amongst them and and of course the red dirt and green of the Newman outback. If you would like to make some beautiful memories with your own family in the Pilbara wildflower contact us today or check out our Facebook page for photographs.