In May 2014 I loved the opportunity to photograph Ethan’s cake smash. One of the photos from that cake smash is still an absolute favourite of mine, amongst the elaborate and elegant cake smashes we have done since. It’s first photo I’ll post today, along with some others of one year old Ethan. It just symbolises the fun of the cake smash and the point at which the child has had enough! In the cake smash one of the ways we kept Ethan’s attention was on some toy lightsabers that my husband Ryan has. These same lightsabers made an appearance in this pregnancy announcement photography session!
serene-bedlam-ethan-pregnancy-announcement-photography (5 of 5)


























serene-bedlam-ethan-pregnancy-announcement-photography (3 of 5) serene-bedlam-ethan-pregnancy-announcement-photography (4 of 5)  serene-bedlam-ethan-pregnancy-announcement-photography (2 of 5)















































































Sammy and Rod (Ethan’s Mum and Dad) have had a very exciting start to 2016 with the announcement of their engagement and now sharing the news that they have a new joy arriving in August 2016. Sammy and Rod decided against a family photography session this time, but I look forward to sharing that with them once the baby arrives! These pictures show how much Ethan has really grown in the last 21 months. He is going to be a wonderful big brother.

serene-bedlam-ethan-pregnancy-announcement-photography-2016   serene-bedlam-ethan-pregnancy-announcement-photography-2016 (1 of 3)






































serene-bedlam-ethan-pregnancy-announcement-photography-2016 (2 of 3)



























serene-bedlam-ethan-pregnancy-announcement-photography-2016 (3 of 3)




























Either will do, Mum and Dad are expecting baby #2. 🙂

Ethan really liked the lightsabers!

We love pregnancy announcement photography! Getting to participate in sharing such amazing news is always so exciting. Sammy and Rod and Ethan, thank you for sharing these precious milestones with us! Wishing you and your family a wonderful remainder of 2016! x