Family Days Photobooth & Photography recent minesite galleries are available here:

Yandi 23rd July, 30th July & 6th August
Jimblebar 27th August

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Family Fun Days Photography & Photobooth

Mining Family Fun Days Photobooth & Photography are always a highlight for us! It’s always so enjoyable watching families share a little part of the FIFO experience that their family member lives.

Serene Bedlam Photobooth and Photography offer two great products which will capture all the memories of these fantastic days! We have a great deal of experience with site requirements and our equipment is all suitable for the occasion!

We offer a Photobooth which can be tailored to match the mining theme perfectly – props including vests and hardhats as well as all the usual fun stuff! We also have a green screen which means that families can choose from a blast or a truck, a digger or a dozer or many more, from the comfort of camp! Photos can be uploaded and shared almost straight away because they contain no actual mining activity (it’s all a green screen!). People who have visited the Serene Bedlam Photobooth can then download and/or share them straight away from our fantastic gallery software.

Photography of Family Fun Days is also so important! Because people are visiting active mining areas they may not be able to take photos on their own devices. Sarah is an experienced, professional photographer with professional equipment so you know the photographs she takes will be excellent quality and suitable for every use – from media releases to personal social media or the photo album. All photographs will be submitted for approval before they are shared and once they are they can be uploaded using the same fantastic gallery software as the Photobooth.

If you’re planning a Family Day, please don’t hesitate to contact us for a quote. If you’ve recently attended one of our Family Days please check the top of your Photobooth strip to link you directly to your page or click the links above.