What an amazing time I had celebrating with Abigail and Kenneth with their 10th wedding anniversary family photography session! It was so lovely to create and share memories and connections with a family that so obviously has so much love.

I enjoyed all of this family photography session – obviously the capturing of the beautiful images was the highlight but my other favourite part was the viewing session! Everyone participated and everyone loved seeing beautiful images of them sharing family time. I love when families choose wall-art instead of just leaving photos on a flash drive and this family chose a beautiful large canvas, the way art is meant to be!! Of course it’s impossible to choose just one when they all capture their family so perfectly so they chose complimenting additional canvases too. I can’t wait to see how they display their beautiful images which will be enjoyed for generations.

Wedding Anniversary Family Photography

Family connections are so important to me to capture and I just love the way this family showed affection so comfortably. It was just so fun!

Wedding Anniversary Family Photography

So many photographs that we absolutely loved! It makes it so hard to choose favourites!

10th Wedding Anniversary Family Photography Serene Bedlam

Thank you so much to the Kunda’s for sharing your beautiful family with me, I loved capturing such wonderful memories during your wedding anniversary family photography session.

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