Newman’s International Women’s Day 2017 Photobooth and Photography was such a good way to spend a Saturday night in Newman! Thank you as always to the amazing team at Newman Mainstreet / Red Desert Events who do months and months of work behind the scenes to pull together a night celebrating very deserving women in our community.

All the photographs taken in the Photobooth are available in the Facebook Album for you to like, tag and share! All photographs are also included for download in the GALLERY.

This year’s event was held in the East Pilbara Art Centre (EPAC) and it looked absolutely amazing. Congratulations to Nicole Willis on her achievement of being awarded Newman’s Woman of the Year recipient, so well deserved!

Thank you to everyone who visited us in the Photobooth, we love being part of such wonderful community events every year.

Newman's International Women's Day 2017 Photobooth