We love the ultimate first Birthday celebration, the one year old photography session! This one had everything, a cake smash, a paint splash and a bubble bath. It also had Mitchell, an absolutely gorgeous one year old, the son of my wonderful friends. I had the joy of photographing Mitchell when he was just 6 days old. so I was so excited to be able to celebrate with some one year old photography too while I was in Perth in March.

Mitch’s very clever Mum has a wonderful business selling all sorts of yummy goodies at Mitch + Meg so I got to watch her decorate the cake in the time it took me to get Mitchell all dressed! It looked amazing and Mitchell declared it to taste amazing too! Normally kids need a little encouragement or help getting into their cakes but Mitch was a pro!

Mitchell is lucky enough to have a very clever Mum who runs a wonderful business full of yummy treats and gifts at Mitch + Meg.  When in Newman we have our cakes delivered (and I refuse to move it until it is placed in front of the Birthday boy or girl!) but while I got Mitchell ready for his photo session I watched in amazement as Bel decorated this cake in minutes and made it look absolutely amazing!
And from all accounts it tasted absolutely amazing too! Normally kids need a little help or encouragement to dive into the cake. Not Mitchell!

When it looked like Mitchell had had his fill of cake Mum & Dad released the specialised clean up crew – Maddy and Meg. Everyone knows that cleaning up food is what Golden Retrievers do best (see here for more evidence!) and these guys take their job very seriously!


Once clean-up was complete we moved onto the bath section of our one year old photography! Mitch had a great time splashing away the crumbs and icing that Maddy and Meg had left him with.

Finally the paint splash portion! While the paint didn’t taste nearly as good as the yummy cake Mitchell still had a great time experimenting with colours, textures and patterns!

Mitch’s Mum had very cleverly prepared the canvas with a 1 sticker which when removed turned Mitch’s work of art into a fantastic piece to mark this milestone celebration!

Thank you to Bel & Paul, Mitchell and of course Maddy and Meg for including me in such a fun celebration of a special little man’s first Birthday. I had a wonderful time capturing precious memories with all of you.