Newman Ball Photo Booth – Reconciliation Ball 2021

What a wonderful night we all had at the Newman Ball Photo Booth at the Reconciliation Ball 2021. Held at the East Pilbara Art Centre the whole event looked fabulous. The evening was a huge success with the MC Ernie Dingo and the fabulous band The Headbangers from Port Hedland. What a great evening, we are so lucky to have great events like this in our town. We loved providing another Newman Ball Photo Booth, capturing such fun memories!

Last year Covid cancelled the Reconciliation Ball in Newman, like so much else so it was so wonderful to be able to celebrate this important event in Newman again. Again Covid changed plans, but we were so happy that it was so successful! A great job as always by the Shire of East Pilbara, especially their events team in working with our changing times and creating an appropriate and fun occasion! 

We love providing the Photo Booth & Photography for this event! Thank you to everyone including Ernie who visited us in Photo Booth! 

All of your Photo Booth photos are now available for download in your gallery.

Ernie Dingo

Thank you to all of Bec’s lovely friends again for including Serene Bedlam Photo Booth in your fantastic event! If you were a guest and would like to make your next event even better with a locally owned and operated Photo Booth please contact us or visit us on Facebook¬†

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