Welcome to the world Rhett! Look at this gorgeous little guy!

I was so excited to meet this little man, but due to a combination of factors we weren’t able to do his newborn photography session until he was nearly (one day off!) 6 weeks old.

This gallery here is evidence of how magical photographing an “older” newborn can be! So often returning to Newman after an extended time away for baby to be born it is harder to get newborns in that first few weeks. And capturing this baby at nearly 6 weeks was just pure joy. Look at that eye contact and expressions when he’s with his older brothers, I love it so so much.

Thank you so much to Rhett’s Mum and Dad for trusting me to capture your beautiful boys.


Serene Bedlam studio newborn photography Sophia

Parent photos – I LOVE parent photos with the newborn. This Mum and Dad weren’t keen but we squeezed this in at the end of the session and it was so worth it! Look at Rhett’s face!

Newman Newborn Photography

The boys love their brother so so much and it just shines through in the photos. I can’t wait to share their whole gallery with his parents!