We always have so much fun with cake smash photographs!

Introducing the adorable 1 year old Shelby! We had a great time taking photographs of this lovely family and despite the field of green grass and flowers,  yes we are still in Newman! Shelby’s big sister Meg and Mum and Dad joined in on the fun for a family photography session before the cake smash. The girls dressed up in their co-ordinating outfits from Steph’s Designs and looked super cute as they explored the field.






newman-family-photographer-shelby-cake-smash-3 newman-family-photographer-shelby-cake-smash-2














Then of course it was time for cake smash photographs! One of the great things about the Serene Bedlam team is that we both have a passion for collecting props and accessories for different age groups (this may not be such a great thing if you ask our husbands). This time Steph decorated a basket from Sarah’s ridiculous basket/prop collection with balloons and bunting. Balloons were filled by Mainstreet/The Beach and carted around by Steph.. she was very happy to hand them over at the end of the photography session! Steph had given Rose some ideas to pick from and the hot air balloon one was her favourite and it looked beautiful. Shelby really enjoyed her basket and balloons! It even looks like she took flight!




(No children were endangered in this photo session – child/baby safety is always our first priority.















































We had some space so we let Shelby get acquainted with the cake in her own terms.. which she certainly did! Normally we have to gently encourage children to try the cake but Shelby really enjoyed herself, crawling to the cake and playing with the cake’s decorations before trying some. Once she’d got the hang of it her big sister Meg joined in and painted herself liberally in icing as well!

newman-family-photographer-shelby-cake-smash-10 newman-family-photographer-shelby-cake-smash-11


























We have recently introduced the post-cake smash bubble bath and it’s a wonderful addition to the cake smash package! Shelby enjoyed her bubble bath, relaxing in her little tub for ages, getting rid of all the icing!













This cake smash really did feel magical the whole way through with the beautiful wild green grass the hot air (or helium!) balloon theme.