South Flank Family Days 2021

It was so exciting to be asked back to photograph the South Flank Family Days for 2021! Not only is it so great to be able to participate in such a fantastic family celebration, especially after 2020 but to see how much South Flank has grown was so exciting! Watching the families share this with their loved ones who have created a mine in just a few short years was so great!

This year we are lucky enough to be providing photography, Photo Booth and with the help of another local Newman business – videography. Please choose the gallery from the week you attended. The photography and videography will not be uploaded as quickly as the Photo Booth so check back after a week or two.

Thank you so much to BHP South Flank, the team that puts these amazing events together for including us again and thank you to the family of all the employees who make it such a great day!

14th August 2021

21st August 2021

28th August 2021