One of the many many reasons that I love my work as a professional photographer across so many different genres is the satisfaction I get from helping my wonderful Newman clients capture such priceless moments. I was lucky enough to share an Outdoor Cake Smash with Tai and his family – I love being a part of so many special moments with this lovely family.

When a family visit my photography studio with their new baby, innocently sleeping (or sometimes not sleeping) they know all too well that in the blink of an eye these tiny babies will be all grown up. Parents want to capture those precious first days in their child’s life and have photographs to look back on – something they’ll treasure for the rest of their lives. I loved sharing these precious moments with Tai and his siblings.

Luckily living in a small community I get the opportunity to see my littlest clients as they grow but it always comes as a surprise (for me at least) when it is time for the cake smash! We chose an outdoor cake smash for this little Pilbara kid and his siblings, it even devolved into a food fight – Mum and Dad both got coated in cake too!

Such a little thing against such a huge Pilbara backdrop

Tai Outdoor Cake Smash Serene Bedlam Photography Newman

Love this face!

Tai Outdoor Cake Smash Serene Bedlam Photography Newman

I think this is a whole new level of Pilbara kid – he had a whole cake in front of him and chose to eat… the red dirt!

Tai Outdoor Cake Smash Serene Bedlam Photography Newman

And off he goes!

Tai Outdoor Cake Smash Serene Bedlam Photography Newman

The perfect ending to a cake smash – a bubble bath!

Thank you so much Nicole and Leigh for trusting me to share in your family’s important milestones! I feel so grateful to be able to capture such important memories with you all.

If you’re interested in capturing your child’s milestone birthday please check out the Cake Smash & Splash Photography page! Be sure to check out our current work on Facebook.