This is a personal and very special post for me. Living far from family, in Newman, WA we love every opportunity for a visit! Recently my Mum came to stay and we took the opportunity to capture some Three Generation Family Photography in my studio. I LOVED this session. Much as it is outside my comfort zone to be in front of the camera it was worth it to have a photo with my mother and my daughter!

three generations photography serene bedlam

I love the image of my mother and daughter together. Their bond is so special and I loved being able to capture that in beautiful images that we will print to share every day even though we are physically separated.


We also tested out “the cube” I am SO excited about this! I can’t wait to do lots of family sessions in it, it is quick, easy and so much fun!

three generation family photography

I loved capturing my own family photographs and I love to capture other people’s family too! If you have your family visiting from out of town or are lucky enough to have parents or grandparents here all the time take the opportunity to book in a family session to capture these precious moments forever! Contact us now or visit us on Facebook